Gratitude Challenge Begins

14th Nov to 25th Nov

Undertake the Gratitude Challenge and experience the tru spirit of love in your relationships

12 differing Gratitude Challenges in 12 days

11/14Gratitude towards mother14 NovemberMonday
11/15Gratitude towards father15 NovemberTuesday
11/16Gratitude towards siblings16 NovemberWednesday
11/17Gratitude towards teacher17 NovemberThursday
11/18Gratitude towards friends18 NovemberFriday
11/19Gratitude towards child19 NovemberSaturday
11/20Gratitude towards spouse20 NovemberSunday
11/21Gratitude towards colleague21 NovemberMonday
11/22Gratitude towards body22 NovemberTuesday
11/23Gratitude towards Earth23 NovemberWednesday
11/24Gratitude towards Universal Intelligence24 NovemberThursday
11/25Gratitude toward a difficult challenge in life25 NovemberFriday
11/26Gratitude toward spiritual awakening26 NovemberSaturday
11/27Gratitude towards the Departed27 NovemberSunday