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Hi, I’m Yawen! I can't wait to help you
step into your FLOW.

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Bridging "Heaven and Earth"

We are Cosmic, Universal being compressed into a single point of focus that we call, "I AM".

Dr. Sue Morter

Shift from the suffering state to the beautiful state

The only way out is in.

In life, struggles and challenges are a natural part that everyone goes through, while they can be very difficult to endure, but they don’t have to be just pain and suffering, they can serve a greater purpose.

What if I told you all those pain and suffering from life’s struggles and challenges are an opportunity for us to expand? What if this is your cue to awaken? All you have to do is take a pause, and make a conscious choice to not stay in the suffering state, you will then realize there is a new path that empowers you to choose the beautiful state of being, and when you choose to experience the external circumstances in a beautiful state, the world outside starts to change.

When I choose to pause, and sit still with my emotions, shadows, and feelings; it allows me to accept what they are. The more I sit still with everything that arises within me, the more I notice the physical sensations they bring about, and the more they resolve on their own. Sitting still allows me to live within my body, observe freely, and free up more space within me.

All emotions are equal, they’re all just energy in motion, waiting to be moved, and flow.

Building body neural circuitry through breathworks and embodiment has been the greatest mental muscle training for my growth.

Through different practices of The Energy Code, Louise Hay's Teaching, and EKAM's conscious movement, gradually, I was able to grow the awareness and consciousness needed to shift from the suffering state to a beautiful state. As these practices become part of my life, my heart becomes a garden with soil that has been nurtured over and over again each time I pull myself back within. Slowly, but surely, the seeds of hope and light bloom, my long lost creativity and intuition return to me, and my path in life becomes clear to me.

Knowing my WHY and live for my Soul Purpose

Living in a world where we are so accustomed to “doing” instead of “being”, we are constantly spinning around, reacting, and troubleshooting. We are so occupied by all those things, we neglect the void in our heart. And we allow that to happen just for external validations.

It is my strongest passion to transform people’s hearts, submerge their lives in miracles, and help them seek awakening. All around the world, there are many, many, and many people out there that feel a yearning in their heart but don’t know what it is that they’re yearning for, except that they know there has to be more to life than what it seems.

If that’s you, I would love to share my knowledge and all the practical tools with you, and help you find your authentic self. When you unleash your authentic self, you will then live a fulfilling life just by being you, doing what you do well, and pursuing your soul purpose. With a proven system that enables you to be empowered from within, I’d be honored to be with you every step along the way and witness your awakening.

With the right knowledge and practices, you will be able to shift your focus from external, to internal; and from doing, to being.

And one by one, we can make this world a better place by inspiring and helping the people around us discover their authentic self.

And that is the soul purpose I have awakened to. After experiencing and witnessing all the suffering in life, I’ve learned and am eager to share with others just how we can use them to access our inner wisdom, our authentic self, and create a better world around us.

I’m committed to be a part of the human conscious evolution, and help people gain the ability to perceive life events in an expanded perspective.

And it all starts from within.