Presence, love, tenderness: three secret ingredients for healing

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May 2020, shortly after the pandemic, I noticed a knee swelling that seemingly came out of nowhere. I tried everything — physical therapy, acupuncture, orthopedics, myofascial therapy, energy healing, neurological resetting…etc. You name it, I’ve tried it. But nothing seemed to work.

Around the same time. The Energy Codes came into my life.

The Energy Codes first made an impression on me with the book’s table of content. It felt like I’ve finally found what’s been leading up to.

I was drawn to The Energy Codes because it was, and still is, the integration of what I’ve learned in my journey but wasn’t able to put together. Dr. Sue has flawlessly put them together and integrated them into a comprehensive system. And everything is energy.

I began taking The Energy Codes coursework online with Dr. Sue. The practice of embodiment and conscious breathwork in The Energy Codes gradually introduced healing to the swollen keen, and I began to understand that healing is not a process, but a byproduct.

Fast forward to March 2021, almost a year of practicing The Energy Codes; a breakthrough happened.

At the time, as my knee began to heal, I began to notice a shoulder pain that worsened overtime; to a point that I couldn’t even reach the back of my shirt. One day, feeling so defeated and frustrated, I broke down in tears.

I was so upset with what was happening to me — one condition after another, even though I had devoted months into healing! I put in the work, the effort, and I was devoted – Yet I still couldn’t even raise my arms? The frustration and anger got to me, and I came to a complete breakdown.

After a good cry, finally, I was able to just sit with myself. I sat with myself and all of the unpleasant, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable feelings I sensed inside of me, and let myself feel them.

Gradually, I let go of all the judgments for having those feelings and emotions, and just be with them.
And finally, I loved into it.

And that’s when the magic happened. From breakdown to breakthrough.

Indeed. Everything is energy. I was so fixated on looking for something wrong to fix, my energy vibration was sending my own body all the negative messages: You are bad, you are broken, you need to be fixed. All the vibrations that create resistance.


After my breakdown, I entered a state of tenderness. I felt a wave of warmth that flowed from my heart to my shoulder, telling my shoulder it is okay to be you. You are not wrong, you’re not bad, and I love you. My entire body was then submerged in love and acceptance; it was tender and soft. It was my first experience of unconditional love: I love you exactly the way you are, no matter how or what.

At that moment, I realized that it’s never about fixing or solving something. It is about coming back to my body with love, and being present. It is about embracing the totality of self; who I am, and all parts of me; and love myself just as I am. Things don’t happen to me, things happen for me.

Just like that, a gateway opened, the protective self within me faded, and natural healing began. I began to consciously spend more and more time with my shoulder and my body, just like a mother patiently and lovingly spends time with her baby – to do absolutely nothing, and just be. Simply be present, and just be there.

I later learned from Dr. Sue that there are two master healing systems: Nervous system and electric- magnetic system, which is more powerful and is run by our own energy flow. By simply being with my physical pain, loving into it, without trying to fix it or eliminate it, I am actually in the vibrational field of unconditional love and acceptance. And that’s where true healing begins.

Are you currently dealing with any pain, physical or emotional? How are you viewing these pains? Are you asking yourself “what’s wrong with me” or “Can a doctor fix this”?

Have you tried intentionally, and consistently spending time with the pain instead, where you simply just be present and love into it?

When our vibrational field is resisting and attacking ourselves with self-sabotage thoughts and negative emotions; our protective self is activated.

But the body won’t heal in the presence of our protective self; regardless of any treatments, we receive. Only when we lead by love, will our body open up the gateway to healing.

Slow down, pause, and breathe.

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