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Awaken to a connected consciousness. Healing self, soul circle, and the earth


Healing of Hearts

Healing of Lives

Healing of Earth

EKAM CIRCLES Online are weekly sacred gatherings that enable participants to access Universal Divine Intelligence for health, love, prosperity, stress relief, and much more.

About this Event:

EKAM CIRCLES are an extension of EKAM. In EKAM CIRCLES, powerful energies are drawn to help individuals, families, and groups who step into it.  It brings about a transformation in consciousness:

  • From unhappiness to beautiful states
  • From disconnection to connection
  • From division to oneness.

An EKAM CIRCLE is a series of global gatherings that ignites and supports humanity’s transformation into the field of higher consciousness.

ekam circle

The weekly gatherings are designed to impact our body, mind, and spirit by enhancing our relationships, health, abundance, peace of mind, and our heart over the course of 8 weeks. A powerful gift will be shared each week in the EKAM CIRCLE, a sacred space where you can experience divine flows into your life in great abundance. This is a cradle for supporting the spiritual evolution of you.

What to expect in the sacred immersion in an EKAM CIRCLE:

  • Intro and meditation for centering 

  • Gift of the week –  short video teaching

  • Four Sacred Secrets Book Reading 

  • Group sharing

  • Meditation 

  • The sacred blessings- deeksha to all participants 

  • Express gratitude and holding intention for the transformation of your soul circle 

  • Ekam Prayer to fulfill your heartfelt intention


* Please note that this is a standard sample of what takes place in an EKAM CIRCLE, the actual length and components of each gathering varies with the group dynamics, however, each gathering will not exceed 90 minutes.


Each participant of the EKAM CIRCLE may have their very own unique set of individual experiences. You may experience healing of the body, mind, and heart; you may awaken to health and vitality, nurture a spirit of connection with your loved ones, discover passion for work with your teams, or reconnect to the transcendental.  All the global Ekam Circles offer the same weekly gifts. The global collective themed intention would create a powerful morphogenic field, accelerate the process of inner transformation, and draw in miracles.

The 8 gifts that will flow to you at EKAM CIRCLE:

1st weekAccessing Universal Intelligence for Clearing Obstacles10 June 2021Thursday
2nd weekFor Health & Vitality17 June 2021Thursday
3rd weekFor Love in Family24 June 2021Thursday
4th weekFor Prosperity01 July 2021Thursday
5th weekFor Stress Release08 July 2021Thursday
6th weekFor Passion at Work15 July 2021Thursday
7th weekFor Education & Learning22 July 2021Thursday
8th weekFor Releasing the Departed29 July 2021Thursday

Event Timings:







New York
New York



A movement in Consciousness. Across 100 nations of the world.  With a mission to awaken 74000 people into liberated beings.   We invite you to join this magnificent movement in consciousness, be an enlightened person walking this planet and impacting global consciousness.

Story of Ekam

Sri Krishaji shares the secrets of Ekam where grace overpowers fate. You experience surreal peace and a beautiful state of consciousness at Ekam.

Ekam Mysteries Revealed

Ekam is the only structure in the world that is in a golden ratio. The powerful energy of the golden spiral awakens humans beings to abundance, peace, and enlightenment.

Sacred Architecture

The structure of Ekam in itself is a phenomenon for how it can affect and uplift your consciousness into transcendental realms.